What does UIM/UM Insurance Cover in California? 

Auto insurance policies cover many different kinds of injuries and property damage that can happen during a car accident. These coverages can vary slightly from state to state. Still, almost all car insurance policies offer property damage coverage, injury protection coverage, and coverage for damage to the cars involved in the accident.

In California, UIM (underinsured motorist) and UM (uninsured motorist) insurance coverages are used to cover costs related to accidents that happen with an uninsured driver who was at fault for the accident. This kind of coverage is more important in some states than others, and locations that are very populous often offer higher coverage benefits for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

What is the Difference Between UIM and UM Insurance in California?

Underinsured motorist coverage is intended to cover damages and medical bills when the person who was at fault in your accident does not have the proper amount of coverage for what is required in the state of California. Uninsured motorist coverage takes care of the damage and medical costs when the person who was at fault in your accident has no insurance at all.

In situations where both parties involved in a car accident have proper car insurance, the two insurance companies work together to take care of the costs of the accident. One person is usually determined to be at fault for the accident, and the at-fault party’s insurance will pay a larger portion of the costs associated with the accident.

However, when one of the drivers does not have enough insurance in place at the time of the accident or is not insured at all, there needs to be a solution that allows the party that is not at fault to be cared for. After all, if it is not your fault that you were in an accident, you should not suffer due to the poor choices of the other driver involved in your accident.

Nationwide, there are an average of 12.6% of motorists on the road without insurance. This means that you are much more likely than you might realize to end up in an accident with someone who does not have insurance than you probably think. Your UM or UIM coverage on your policy will ensure that you do not suffer for someone else’s negligence.

UIM/UM Insurance coverage in California

What Should I Do if I Get Into an Accident With a Driver in California Who Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If you have been harmed in an accident by someone who is not properly insured or who has no insurance at all in the state of California, you need to reach out to Jabro Law Group. The team at Jabro Law Group has years of experience with California UM and UIM accident cases and can help you to get the settlement and compensation that you deserve for your accident. Being able to recover from your accident is your right, and you will need to be sure that you have a skilled legal team on your side when you must access your UM or UIM coverage after an accident.