Living With Your Ex After You Separate

Let’s face it, while everyone probably wants to move out of the house that they are sharing with an ex during a divorce, this might not always be possible. It can be expensive to find a new place to live, and you are probably struggling with lawyer’s fees and other bills. Having the free income to move out might be a struggle for you for a while.

How do you manage to live with your ex after you separate without running into lots of legal issues and conflicts that could impact your divorce proceedings? Knowing some tips for living with your ex can help make the process of getting your divorce finalized much easier and much less costly overall.

How to Live with an Ex After You Separate

1.       Set a Move-out Date So You and Your Ex Can Plan to Live Together

Always set a move-out date so that you and your ex-spouse know what is about to happen. Having a move-out date can help to keep tensions under control, and it can also make sure that there are no surprises with regard to rent or paying the mortgage when one of the spouses moves out.

2.       You Should Discuss Having Friends and Dating While Living Together

You and your ex need to talk about how you both want to handle having friends over and dating while you are still living together. These are the kinds of things that can lead to intense conflict between exes, and it’s worth laying ground rules right away before you have a fight.

3.       Sleep in Separate Rooms if You Are Still Living With Your Ex-partner After Your Separation

Always move into another room in the house. Trying to continue sharing space will just make things more complicated and awkward, and it can lead to hurt feelings in the future. You will want to be sure that you sleep in different rooms from the moment that you decide to move out.

4.       Don’t Drink With Your EX After Separation

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and it can lead to complicated conversations that you might not need to have anymore once you decide to get divorced. Ending up in situations with your ex that lead to complex feelings and revisiting old issues will not make anyone feel better about the divorce process and will only lead to more contact than you should be having as the divorce process is proceeding.

5.       Don’t Share Anything Anymore With Your Ex-Partner After Divorce

As far as it is possible, keep food, household necessities, and other items separate. You will need these items when you move out, and you might have conflict over the use of resources in the house that can cause strife until you are moved out.

Living with your ex after divorce

Living With an Ex is Always Complicated, But You Can Make Ideal Choices

If you are struggling with finding someplace to live while you are going through a divorce or you have to live with your ex for a while due to another reason, make sure to use these tips to prevent issues that can be avoided. If you need guidance for your divorce process, you need to seek the support of the team at Jabro Law Group today. Having a skilled divorce lawyer on your side can make all the difference as you seek an equitable divorce agreement.